Monday, March 16, 2015

Doesn't look like much now. But this building is going to enable millions of people to meet with God. Yeah yeah I know church isn't a building and it's not us that are responsible for letting God speak to people. BUT like temple of the Old Testament we are providing a place dedicated to the Lord that all that would come here would experience Him and be changed forever. I'm going to raise my daughter here and I believe whole heartedly in everything we are doing as a church, locally and the whole church over the world. I'm going to provide a holy heritage for my daughter and she is going to do things I could never. It's going to be amazing and all because of one building #ThereIsPowerInTheChurch #LocalChurch #HopeOfTheWorld #Heritage #RaiseThemEmUp #TFH @tfhvacaville by therobsully

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